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Ember mug 2 review. Is it worth it in 2021?

How much did you spend on the Ember Mug 2 ?


Just going to get this out of the way… The Ember Mug 2 is amazing! Just to solve this problem in the first place, yes, we have entered the ridiculous territory with a coffee cup for £129. That being said, if you are going to pay £130 for a coffee cup, the dam thing better do everything… well… perfectly.

This Ember Mug 2 will do that to a point. In addition to keeping your coffee at a constant temperature, it is also important to know when that temperature is reached your phone will alert you to it.

There is an indicator light at the bottom of the cup that also notifies you. It flashes when it reaches temperature and remains stable when it reaches the temprature you have set.What does the temperature sensor for your mug do? It measures the temperature of the coffee and makes sure it never gets below a certain amount then sends you an alert when it is ready! For £129, it is worth it!

When I got this Ember Mug in the mail, it was really nice, very light, and came with a nice pouch and a mug holder that holds it at a comfortable height. It arrived quickly and it was packaged very well. I put it together and when I removed it from its package, the Ember Mug had two lights on it! I thought this was really neat!

The Ember Mug has a built in built a sensor that measures the temperature of the coffee. Then, it notifies the consumer when it is ready.The Ember Mug is so comfortable, that it even feels like it’s been made for you to use.

With the mug’s wide, comfortable handle, you can easily pour coffee into it or drink it in style.
I had so many questions about the Ember mug but the only one I had an answer to was, what is the price of the Ember Mug?

I was told that the price was “around £130”. I can not believe how expensive this is ( you only live once I guess). I was so excited to be able to bring one of these with me to the conference, it was well worth the money, I was not disappointed and had no reason to change my mind.

This product by itself could not have been cheaper. So, what is the price of it now? Well, for me, it was around £130, but I got it for a good deal ( £90 ) and you should definitely get one if you drink coffee or tea as much as I do.

So is it a good idea to spend this much on a coffee cup… ? Yes!
If you want one check it out on Amazon by clicking here! ( not an affiliate link )

Am I a little Crazy for spending £130 on a coffee cup ?


Crazy AF


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  • Britney

    The new mug is lighter and has slightly larger handle compared to the old one. They are also a bit cheaper. Overall, this is a much better product than it used to be.

    I’m happy with it. Expensive but worth it!

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