Italy 2022 ! My Summer holiday dream come true!

Italy 2022 !

My trip to Italy this summer was wonderful. I’m still working on my Italian but I definitely have it down. It is not the least difficult language to learn!

I came to Italy with a long list of things I wanted to do with my time. While I had the time I wanted to work on Italian language, I did not want it to derail my time in this fantastic country. While I was out looking at the sites and deciding what to see and eat I decided to stop by the Trevi Fountain.
I’ve been to Italy many times, but the one thing that stood out the most while visiting the country was the Trevi Fountain. It was very impressive and the most amazing thing of all was that the Trevi Fountain is actually made out of different types of water!

I could only imagine that this fountain that’s so beautiful, and so peaceful, in the middle of Rome. The water is actually different and has been pouring over the top of a rock for hundreds, if not thousands of years. This is why Italy and the Romans were so special to me in so many ways.
The origin of the Trevi Fountain

The origin of the Trevi Fountain is a question that has been hotly debated since it was built in 1866. As the fountain was constructed to celebrate the completion of the railroad from Naples to Rome, the question of whose fountain was first, Italians or the Americans, came up. The origins of the fountain has given rise to an excellent play about the fountain called, fittingly enough, the Trevi Fountain

The Beautiful Beaches of Italy !

The beaches in Italy are some of the most beautiful I experienced during my trip. From the cliffs of the Amalfi coast to the picturesque villages of the Italian Riviera, Italy has so many beautiful beaches to offer. In fact, Italy boasts the world’s most beautiful beaches as of 2015 which were voted in in the world’s most beautiful beaches. The beaches of Italy are home to some of the best views that I have seen in my travels. This, along with the scenery being some of the best I have experienced on my trip was the main reason that I visited this country. It was also a great way to learn the culture of Italian people.

Italy has the best walks!

While in Italy I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful town of Verona, and after a long day of walking and sight seeing it was very good to have dinner outside at the famous restaurant “Il Campo” which is frequented by many tourists throughout the year.

While on the walk the locals were very friendly and very accommodating to my every request. After my meal I sat outside the restaurant and people of all ages and shapes passed by as if they were walking next to me. There were many families out enjoying the evening with their children. All the ladies were beautiful and had on their best dresses and shoes. Each person came by with a smile on their faces.


As you can tell I had a lovely time in Italy! It was so relaxing to be on a beach after a crazy week. I am planning on going back again next year! I hope you are ready for the weekend, hopefully it will be wonderful and not to hot! 🙂


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