Top 3 Tips for starting your own WordPress Blog in 2022

When I first heard about WordPress the term “blog” really didn’t catch my attention. It was the type of service that the average Joe or Jane would use to share a “blog post” about what was going on in their day, and maybe show what they had for breakfast.

But if you look at a blog like mine, you would see it was nothing more than a digital scrapbook. It is merely a way for me to share the little things that happen in my life, from a moment to moment.

It wasn’t until I decided to become more serious about my website that the possibilities of WordPress began to take hold. It allowed me to put my life’s work and my thoughts on the web and to create a site I could be proud of, one that I could invite people to visit from around the world. At first, it was a personal project that I set up for the family and friends that I was inviting into my life, but as it grew it became my platform where I could bring my friends into my world, too.

Without further delay here are my Top 3 Tips for starting your own WordPress Blog

Tip 1
Select the correct domain name for your blog.

Choosing the correct domain name for your blog is essential. If you choose a domain name that’s too common, people may not be interested. On the other hand if you choose a domain name that is difficult to remember then people may not remember it. Selecting your domain name and the correct domain name is essential to the success of your wordpress blog.

You will need to determine which domain name you would like to use for your website,
and whether or not you would want to use a subdomain. Your choice here will determine if or not you need to have a special address for your website, such as or www.yourdomain.OTHER !

Tip 2:
Choose the best theme that suits your blogging style.

The first piece to consider when building your website is the template, or template set of components. If you’re looking for a “clean and minimal” theme, or a theme that is highly customizable, or even a theme that loads fast, check out Thesis or GeneratePress.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a theme that is highly customizable, but provides a lot of options and is also quite fast, check out the theme I use,Ashe Pro. They both share the same core, and that core allows for you to customize your template as you see fit. In this example, I’m using Ashe Pro, but GeneratePress is very customizable, and also loads faster than Ashe Pro.

Tip 3:
Set Your Budget

If you choose to go for WordPress it means that you are choosing your first serious website and you will be using one of the top free website builders out there. However, if you are already using a free website builder or a CMS system you may find it a bit daunting and you will need a little help from someone who knows your site like the back of their hand, but don’t worry, you don’t need to start from scratch and learn how to code. WordPress comes with tons of free options such as themes and plugins. The most you should be spending is the cost of your web hosting which is generally very little to start with.You can start your own wordpress blog for as little as $5 per month.

I will be adding more tutorials to my medium page in the coming weeks rearing the full setup of a website from scratch!

Thats it!
Have fun Blogging!


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